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The RMS Factor - An Optimized Approach to Revenue Maximization

Leveraging Interdependencies Between Reputation, Marketing and Sales

The hospitality landscape continues to change at a rapid pace. New technologies and business channels; emerging markets and new competition models require the need for hotels to reinvent themselves to remain competitive.

Hotels are now being shaped by the comments guests leave on travel sites and a hotel’s reputation as measured by these travelers is paramount. The difference between a 3.9 rating and a 4.0 rating has a noticeable effect on your hotel’s market share, rate positioning and overall top line results.

Traditional marketing methodologies are losing effectiveness as greater trust has emerged from guest comments online rather than conventional identities created historically through a variety of media channels.

Similarly, while the intangible nature of the hotel sales remains highly relationship driven, sales processes have changed as client interaction has transitioned from face-to-face, to verbal, to electronic in nature.

What differentiates successful hotels from those which are struggling? The key lies in establishing and maintaining the interdependency between reputation management, inspiring marketing, and strategic selling.

The RMS Factor helps you to leverage this balance from the guest’s perspective, to drive market share and improve revenue results.


Reputation Enhancement

What are your guests saying about you?

  • Are all reviews (both positive and negative) responded to with honesty, sincerity, and on a timely basis?
  • If the need for improvements – both facility-based and service oriented – are indicated, are they addressed, or reasonable alternatives offered?

If the answer to either question is “no” you’re leaving an impression that you don’t really care about their feedback. It leaves them with another question – will the hotel really care about me when I stay there as a guest?

Marketing That Inspires

Who are you?

  • Is your hotel’s marketplace and primary potential customers aware of your hotel?
  • And what impressions come to mind with that awareness?
  • If a branded hotel, how well does your location type, market, and identity match with the “voice” of the brand? If similar, how are you utilizing that brand voice?

If there are differences, or especially if yours is an independent hotel, a unique and inspiring property brand voice needs to be developedone that encourages potential guests to take action.

Strategic Sales for Results

“Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something”

  • Is there a sales plan and are measurable sales strategies in place to move your property forward?
  • Are you placing your emphasis on the right markets and prospects at the right time?
  • Is EVERYONE at the property involved in selling and supporting the sales process?

Your guests are the lifeblood of your hotel. If you don’t do everything to attract and maintain them, one of your competitors will.

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The RMS Factor provides business improvement solutions to its hospitality industry clients by leveraging the interdependencies between reputation management, inspiring marketing and strategic selling.

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