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Traditional marketing methodologies are losing effectiveness as guests place greater trust in the online feedback placed by other guests. These prospective guests have become highly critical of the responses provided by a hotel to these guest reviews. And if you do not respond to all reviews on an honest, straight forward and timely basis, you leave the impression that you just don’t care. 

Studies have shown that unless you consistently achieve review scores of 4 or greater, you are leaving occupancy; increased revenues and market share; and higher profitability on the table.

If you feel there is room for improvement with your hotel’s reputation, the RMS Factor’s reputation management methodologies can guide you in focusing your efforts to establishing that trust - and by doing so your hotel will achieve the levels of success it deserves. 

We place our focus on the following:

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Review Guest Responses and Management Replies

Identify Most Common Review Site and Online Comments

Establishing confidence and trust with your responses

Compare customer responses with website general information message

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Strengthen the Service Culture at Your Hotel

Everybody Sells

"The Answer is Yes - Now What's the Question" Attitude

"Own It - Solve It" Empowerment

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Assess Management Leadership

Leadership vs. Management vs. Directives

Leadership by Walking Around

Walking the Walk of the Talk You Talk

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