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“If selling is the journey to achieving higher revenues, marketing is the roadmap – you need both”.


A recent report from Forrester Research, indicates just eight percent of businesses have achieved proper marketing-sales alignment, meaning 92 percent of companies are operating with poorly aligned, disjointed strategies, visions, and content with its marketing and sales efforts.

Despite the best intentions, the conventional thinking of marketing and sales leaders around how to align these two teams is flawed, as it addresses the symptoms rather than the cause of the disparity. Without a common focus point — the wants & needs of the guest — all other efforts to align these two groups are like trying to mix oil and water. Traditionally, hoteliers have unnervingly focused the marketing message toward what they thought the guest should have, rather than by determining what the guest really wanted.

Is your business one of the 92% for which improvement is warranted?

The RMS Factor’s Marketing That Inspires methodologies are closely aligned with its Reputation Management and Strategic Selling initiatives, by focusing on the guest’s perspective to improve your hotel’s market share and drive revenue results.

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Strategic Planning

Sales & Marketing Plan Development

Sales & Marketing Plan Review

Sales & Marketing Strategy and Tactics Development

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Identity | Awareness | Voice

Refine Property Awareness - your existence is known

Optimize Property Identity - initial impression when hearing the hotel's name

Develop Your Property Voice - communicating your unique attributes

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Coordinated Media

Collateral Material Development - print and/or digital

Vanity Website Development - concept | project management | implementation

Social Media Development - from strategy to deployment

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