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Optimize Your Sales Focus

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How is your hotel positioned among its competitors?

How aligned are sales efforts in focusing on the right prospects – those who can make the most significant impact?

Is most of your business coming from focused, targeted high result-producing accounts, or are you trying to sell to the masses?

The RMS Factor’s Strategic Selling methodologies, working in harmony with its Marketing That Inspires initiatives enable you to optimize your sales efforts by placing a razor focus on sourcing and acquiring the best business, at targeted rates, at the right times.

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Sales Assessment

Sales Department Audit/Review

Sales Mystery Shopping – Your Hotel

Sales Mystery Shopping – Your Competitors

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Business Positioning

Review and Refine Market Mix

Identify "Vital Few" Market Segments

Know Your Competition

Articulate Competitive Advantage

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Sales Activity Deployment

Sales Funnel Prospecting Methodology

“Top Five” Account Acquisition Program

Marketing and Selling Depressed Periods

Cultivating Customer Relationships

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