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Overview of Services Offered

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Achieve Landmark Revenue Results

The RMS Factor can aid your hotel in achieving landmark revenue results through its proven

Five Step Solutions Process:


Situation Analysis – We’ll identify current challengers and barriers to success. (Chances you already have an idea).

Goals & Objectives – We will work with you to determine the desired state for your hotel.

Assessment Strategy and Proposed Solutions – Our assessment tools will provide you with the framework for an assessment strategy, proposed solutions, and the costs for implementation. A mutually agreeable scope of engagement will be developed and scheduled

Implementation and Execution – Throughout implementation, you will be kept abreast of our findings, and the project’s progress, leading to a successful outcome.

Analysis and Adjustment – Throughout this process your feedback will be welcome! It will enable us to make any needed adjustments to assure you reach your desired objectives.


Listed below are some of our core competencies for your review and consideration. Our strategies and proposed solutions will be customized to meet the individual needs of your hotel.


Assess Revenue Performance

Review your hotel's current state in the following key result areas: 

  • Rate/Yield Management
  • Selling Disciplines
  • Market Segmentation
  • Business Mix
  • Reputation Managrement

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Reputation Management

Guest comments, management responses, your hotel's score & ranking all influence your revenue results.

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mprove Your Hotel's Market Share

Strategies, methodologies and initiatives to help you outperform your competition.

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Marketing That Inspires

Methodologies are closely aligned with Reputation Management and Strategic Selling initiatives. Identity, awareness, and a unique property voice form the foundation for a coordinated marketing and media effort, designed to improve your hotel’s market share and drive revenue results.

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Intensify Rate / Yield Management

Using Revenue/Market analysis, establish pricing and inventory management controls based upon market demand. Achieve improvements in ADR and RevPAR.

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Create a Compelling Property Brand Voice

Your hotel has unique attributes that become its individual brand. A well-crafted brand voice will capture what makes your property distinctively different from its competitors. These attributes should be what people remember when they see or hear your hotel’s name.

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Strategic Selling

Identifies "Vital Few" market segments that create the greatest impact, and uses the sales funnel methodology to cultivate and maintain client relationships.

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Optimize Sales Focus

Review and refine market mix and analyze your competition to determine your business positioning.

Articulate your competitive advantages and strengthen your hotel's value proposition.

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Additional Services

These services are available to support the primary functions of Reputation |Marketing | Sales  for your hotel.

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